Anne L. Dunlop MD, MPH

Associate Research Professor

Office of Academic Advancement

Phone: 404-712-8520


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Dr. Anne Dunlop serves as Dr. Ferranti's co-mentor.  Dr. Dunlop is a  board-certified in family medicine and preventive medicine and holds a masters’ degree in epidemiology.  Dr. Dunlop has experience designing and conducting: (1) health services and clinical research in public and private clinic settings; (2) epidemiologic analyses of large data sets containing state and perinatal regional data to better understand reproductive health outcomes in the state of Georgia and variability in outcomes by race/ethnicity; (3) health policy research to better understand the impact of health policies on maternal-child health care utilization and outcomes.  Dr. Dunlop currently leads OPA-, CDC-, and NIH-funded studies addressing women’s reproductive health outcomes and impacts of health practices and policies.