Community Mentor Program


The goal of the Emory BIRCWH community mentoring program is to advance the careers of Emory BIRCWH scholars and to inform thinking about intersectionality, interdependency, and translation of research in the community. The mentors commit for the 2-year time period of each scholar’s appointment, with the option to continue the partnership afterwards. 

The Emory BIRCWH Atlanta community mentoring program will provide its scholars an opportunity to gain insight from experienced and well-respected leaders who are well-connected in the Atlanta community.  It is designed to foster career development, cultivate a growth mindset, and increase collaboration and communication through expanding networks and sharing knowledge. The Emory BIRCWH Mentorship Program will contribute to advancing the talent of the next generation of scholars and provide opportunities not previously available to the mentees.


Specifically, the goals of pairing Emory BIRCWH Scholars with Atlanta community mentors are:

   -  to expose scholars to the potential community impact of their work

   -  to heighten the impact of scholars’ research and promote its relevance to community needs

   -  to prime scholars to think about the community impact of their work, including current and

       subsequent projects 

   -  to make connections with the community at large for a better understanding of disparities

       and needs

   -  to educate diverse communities about women’s health issues and work of scholars

   -  to enhance professional development of scholars


All Emory BIRCWH community mentors are highly respected, effective and well-connected leaders in community.

The value added for the BIRCWH Emory scholars includes:

         - External perspective (not evaluation) 

         - Advice on balance of work and career development for impact

          - Introduction to diverse Atlanta communities to benefit research

The value added for the Emory BIRCWH community mentors includes:

          -  Learning about health issues from the research of Emory BIRCWH scholars

          -  Satisfaction in assisting the professional development of mentee and serving as a “sounding board”

          -  Helping educate and advance work in women’s health  


The EMORY BIRCWH COMMUMITY MENTORING PROGRAM is distinctive in that it is allows for flexibility, openness and transparency.  It is driven by the relationship between the scholar and the mentor.