Selection/Review Criteria

Selection criteria will focus on the demonstrated strengths and future potential of the candidate for a multidisciplinary career in research, and including:

  • Quality of previous training and accomplishments
  • Strength and feasibility of the training plan
  • Nature and feasibility of the plans for a multidisciplinary approach
  • Relevance to Women’s Health and BIRCWH areas of emphasis
  • Potential impact of the research area and question (including novelty and innovation) 
  • Adequacy of support from the research group and home department
  • Quality, feasibility, and potential for success of the research protocol
  • Diversity in the context of BIRCWH history in terms of discipline, type of research, and ethnicity

Weight will be given to departments and disciplines that have traditionally been under-represented in Women’s Health research (for example, surgical subspecialties) and to maintaining a balance of gender and under-represented ethnic minority Scholars.

The NIH K award application process will be used as a model for the Emory BIRCWH application process. Applications will be scored using the new NIH scoring system (1 to 9 point scale). An expert review panel drawn from the Emory Research Advisory Board membership will serve as the study section for this selection process, producing a score and ranking that mirrors the NIH process. Given the critical roles of mentoring in the development of the candidate, the appropriateness of the research expertise of the different research mentors, their funding status, and their long-term commitment to the candidate’s development will be important components of the candidate evaluation.

Applications will be scored using criterion scores of the candidate, career development plan/career goals and objectives, research plan, mentors/mentor team, and environment/institutional commitment to the candidate. Environment/institution commitment in this setting will mean the support and environment provided by the relevant division and center leadership to the success of the candidate. The results will be passed along to the Emory BIRCWH Executive Committee for final Scholar selection.  Decisions of the Emory BIRCWH Executive Committee will be final.